“-Because art is just as important as reading, writing and math!”


Logo by Gunnar & Harlee Mickelberry, 2015.


We are a free kids art program for kids ages 0-17.  We are fully self funded.   We want all children to be able to express themselves, because of this, we are free and web based.   We do attend non-mandatory live events in Portland Oregon, USA.


Gunnar & Harlee Mickelberry, 2011

Gunnar & Harlee Mickelberry, 2011


The Studio was created by Gunnar and Harlee Mickelberry in the fall of 2011. It began as an Etsy shop and as a way for the kids to make money to help the homeless.

Emma Lund joins the team!

As KNS began to receive more commission requests, a close friend,  Emma Lund joined the “studio”.  The kids attended their first CraftyWonderland event at the  Oregon Convention Center  in the Spring of 2012.

It was hugely successful.

 From there KNS began to grow up.   We now mean a little something different, and like our artists, continue to grow and grow. We show young artists that they can be working artists NOW!


Harlee Mickelberry with the Splendorporium Gallery Organizer, 2012/2013

We give them places to show their work, teach self-employment and networking skills, learn new art techniques, attend events and have FUN.  We help artists create a professional portfolio online AND…We show kids who love art that it’s just as important to the world as math, reading and writing.  

We love having new artists sign up from all over the world! Please click on “Apply” to find out more!

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